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Sharon Withouck, 15.11.2023

Dear Ernest,

I realised that this email was still stuck in concepts since 6/11.

Yes I arrived home late last night. I am still sick, going to the doctor today.

Thank you for being flexible.

The fam trip was fun, nice hotel, nice group and it was nice to see Krakau. I was kind of surprised how big the business is around pilgrim trips, as I am not really religious myself.

We have a department in Omnia that does trips like that, so I will definitely share the information with them.

To be honest I think it's going to be hard to work together for school trips.

The schools usually have a very low budget, so they often request hostels.

The way we work at Omnia Travel Schooltrips is: we offer them a price for transportation + accommodation. If they agree to that offer and book with us,

thén we work out the complete program and they can decide to book extra activities if they want to. A lot of schools organize their own activities because a lot of the teachers already know the country/city.

So what I usually do is offer them both, I offer them the price of transportation + accommodation only - and I also offer them your complete all-in concept.

Once they receive our offer they can choose which option they prefer and we have to wait for the school to decide.

I do understand why you don't offer hostels and personally I think your price is very reasonable for all that you get.

But so far no school has booked yet. I will keep offering them both though.

I will give you contact information and the flyer to the other department within our company.

Kind regards,

Sharon Withouck